• Asylum for Thoughts

    A personal blog.
  • A History for Today

    A training workshop educating participants about the history of World War II and the story of Anne Frank's family.
  • Stories that Move

    Collaboration on the development of this online educational toolbox against discrimination.
  • Memory Walk

    A multimedia workshop educating participants about creating short documentaries on historical monuments.
  • Children of Saul

    A memorial research project on Hungarian Holocaust child victims.
  • Living the Name of the School

    An educational research project.
  • Changing the Chants

    A WordPress website developed for combating anti-Semitism and discrimination within the football fandom of Europe.
  • Old People and the Sea

    A board game about sailing, catching spoil, earning reputation & becoming the greatest sea legend of all time!
  • Mapping Hiding Places

    A research project aiming to map out Jewish hiding places throughout Europe.
  • Hiding in Amsterdam

    An educational Amsterdam city tour about discovering the lives in hiding during World War II.
  • Let Me Be Myself

    A training workshop teaching participants about how to connect the lessons learned from World War II with Their present reality.
  • Anne Frank: Her Life, Her Diary, Her Legacy

    A translation project of an online exhibition on Google Arts & Culture.
  • United Way the Netherlands

    A WordPress website developed for United Way's Dutch branch.
  • Sinti & Roma: the Forgotten Genocide

    A translation project of an online exhibition about the Sinti and Roma victims of the Porajmos.
  • Stories for Creafae

    Short stories by Illumniscate to accompany some of Creafae's conversational curiosities.
  • Monumentalk

    An educational city tour in Amsterdam, exploring remembrance and reflection in urban spaces.
  • 4M Storytelling

    A methodology using narrative structures to aid with creative expression, media and advocacy, participation, and fundraising.
  • Reading & Writing with Anne Frank

    A training workshop for teachers to improve Their the methods of working on the creative writing and reading skills of children.
  • Illumniscate’s Official Website

    Illuniscate's own, official website.

    A board game about shamans competing for godhood by the means of exploiting the occult power of skulls!

  • Yan Paul Dubbelman
    Ivan’s work in our international workshops was incredibly helpful. His knowledge and friendly atmosphere set the tone for the rest of our working relationship, I see Ivan as perhaps my most trustworthy and dependable colleague.
  • Karen Polak
    Ivan joined the international Stories that Move team of educators in 2016 and has been a great support from the start. His calm approach to all sorts of challenges and his many talents have contributed much to the success of the program.
    Karen Polak
    International coordinator of Stories that Move
  • Machiel Salomons
    I am pleased to confirm that Mr. Milovanov possesses excellent knowledge of IT, Web design and development and social media. He is intelligent, has excellent drafting skills in English, and is creative, as exemplified by the setting up of our state-of-the-art Website.
    Machiel Salomons
    Executive Director of United Way the Netherlands
  • Nino Preložnjak
    Ivan is a high-level professional in managing teams, a good listener and communicator. We worked together on storytelling innovation and Ivan showed a very creative way of thinking, as well as bringing his ideas into the real world. Very organized and "wanted" teammate.
    Nino Preložnjak
    P4 - Center for Youth and Independent Culture
  • Emma Karlsson
    I feel lucky to have the opportunity of working together with Ivan at the Anne Frank House. His all-around skills and creative ideas have really helped to move our projects forward. So thank You and I hope we can keep on working together!
    Emma Karlsson
    Anne Frank House

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