4M Storytelling: 2nd Meeting

4M Storytelling: Test It! Training
15. November, 2021
The Power of Storytelling in Scientific Research
11. May, 2022

Done with the testing of 4M Storytelling, it was time for our second face to face consortium meeting! Despite the renewed lockdowns, we managed to hold a 2-day session in Vienna. Sadly, some of the would-be participating partners, including our hosts from VRUM, were infected with corona. The meeting planners and facilitators Branimira Penić and Jolyane Langlois managed hybrid discussions and activities so that all could meaningfully participate.

Now we have concrete plans and deadlines for all partners. Our major steps ahead include further testing in most partner countries (Austria, Croatia, France, Italy and Slovenia) and then finishing 4M Storytelling, developing a website and online tutorials, and creating digital stories by using the methodology.

More news after summer!