4M Storytelling: Test It! Training

4M Storytelling: 1st Transnational Meeting
24. May, 2021
4M Storytelling: 2nd Meeting
17. January, 2022

After months of work on the 4M Storytelling "alpha version" — which ended up being an educational tool that can be used to teach a method of construction, analysis and thinking — we arrived at the point where we needed to run the first internal testing. For that purpose, my good friend and colleague Yan Paul Dubbelman and I designed and delivered the prototype of a 5-day training aimed to teach the use of the tool and method while gathering extensive feedback. The training was again hosted in Varaždin by V.U.K.

After so much time in isolation and online meetings during the COVID-19 induced crises, it was such a wonderful time to work with people in person again. Yan Paul and I took care to create a safe space and build the team of participants, but it worked all the better thanks to the wonderful personalities and knowledgeable professionals who attended. Based on the feedback, the training was a success and will serve as a blueprint for similar events in the future.

4M Storytelling worked surprisingly well for its first run and only minor, mostly graphical edits will be necessary for the "beta version". Once that is done, we will begin the second round of testing, which will be public and more extensive. Stay tuned for more news!