Illumniscate was sparked into existence with a mission to transform the way we learn and grow.

Think back to your childhood, when discovering the world was a process of wonder and excitement. Illumniscate aims to bring back that sense of play and exploration to facilitate effective learning processes.

Education is fundamental to building a harmonious and thriving society. Just like we matured as we grew up, so has the approach to teaching. The company's approach combines the best of psychology, storytelling and playfulness to create learning experiences that are not only meaningful but also enjoyable.

Illumniscate tackles real-world challenges like environmental sustainability, societal and economic development, technological and scientific advancements, and self-discovery through programmes that are flexible, multilayered and interactive.

With partnerships and projects across Europe, Illumniscate has already made an impact, working with organizations such as Education First, the Anne Frank House, and United Way. The offers are customisable, and the company is always open to new collaborations and opportunities.

Join this journey of perpetual enlightenment, where learning is an adventure
and creativity is your course to accomplishment!


Illumniscate is a freelance company
founded by Ivan Milovanov.

As an educational designer and project manager, I bring a wealth of experience working with people from all over the world, of varying ages and backgrounds. My expertise lies in developing engaging and impactful learning journeys that drive change and success.

I craft educational materials and activities, coordinate international programmes, facilitate group and individual trainings, and fundraising. I base my work on the latest studies and tools, and collaborate with other professionals to develop innovative content for face-to-face, remote, hybrid, blended and VR settings.

Unlock the creative potential of your teaching needs with my services. From research-backed content development to impactful projects, I'm here to cover every step of the way.

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and founded in 2018.


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