Illumniscate was established with the goal to improve our society by facilitating people of all ages in engaging learning journeys.

Learning is a set of skills that can be attained and understood to be cherished. It is lifelong and embracing this fact consciously can help everyone in getting closer to their desired integrity.

Education is an essential medium towards developing a flourishing and harmonious society. Whenever we acquire learning through experiential and playful methods, gaining mindful competencies becomes entertainment.

Thus, Illumniscate's motto is "having fun through perpetual enlightenment". This is a company dedicated to turning this sentiment into action and turning that action into a norm.

This approach is founded on psychology and storytelling and focuses on self-development, environmental and societal challenges, history and games.

Illumniscate has worked together with the Anne Frank House, United Way, Olde Vechte Foundation, and Backspace Escape Rooms; and worked across Europe, including France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine.

Embracing all kinds of relevant opportunities, Illumniscate is always open for collaboration. The programs and projects are flexible and tailorable. Let's connect and bring about a more conscious and assertively playful world!


Illumniscate is a freelance/ZZP company
founded by Ivan Milovanov.

I am an instructional designer working with young people and adults coming from all over the World through international projects.

I manage educational projects, which include content development, coordination and facilitation of international programmes, coaching of groups & individuals, research, and fundraising.

I design educational materials and trainings.

I also create simple, yet aestethic WordPress websites, such as the one You are visiting now.

My services intertwine.
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Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
and founded in 2018.