• The Art of Collaborative Project Design

    Learn to utilize the 4M Storytelling method to take your project planning and execution to the next level.
  • Memory Walk

    A multimedia workshop educating participants about creating short documentaries on historical monuments.
  • Let Me Be Myself

    A training workshop teaching participants about how to connect the lessons learned from World War II with Their present reality.
  • Stories that Move

    Collaboration on the development of this online educational toolbox against discrimination.
  • A History for Today

    A training workshop educating participants about the history of World War II and the story of Anne Frank's family.
  • Monumentalk

    An educational city tour in Amsterdam, exploring remembrance and reflection in urban spaces.
  • Learning is a Game

    Unlock the potential of your teaching by becoming the kind of educator who inspires, engages, and makes learning enjoyable with this professional development training.
  • Reading & Writing with Anne Frank

    A training workshop for teachers to improve Their the methods of working on the creative writing and reading skills of children.