4M Storytelling

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24. April, 2020

4M Storytelling is a method that utilises storytelling-structures and -analysis designs, which is currently in development. It is an international, Erasmus+ funded project.

As a storytelling tool, 4M Storytelling applies a narrative system for basically any kind of content that can benefit from such a structure. It organises elements into a perspective that allows ease of scrutiny.

"4M" stands for four modules, which are the four main focus areas of the project:

  • Creative Expression
  • Media and Advocacy
  • Participation
  • Fundraising

The project primarily aims to support youth, youth and cultural workers, organisations, and journalists.

It is a collaborative effort of Yours sincerely and seven other organisations from across Europe:

As a project funded by the European Union, it aims to:

  • Develop 4M Storytelling, including a web application and interactive tutorial where the method will be available for everyone;
  • Strengthen capacities of participants, as well as partner organizations working in culture and arts;
  • Increase visibility to partners, the Erasmus + program, and final project results;
  • Contribute to more active participation and cooperation between the target groups in the field of culture and arts.