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24. April, 2020
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20. June, 2022

4M Storytelling is a groundbreaking method that utilizes storytelling structures and visible thinking to enhance collaborative design and creativity.

At its core, 4M Storytelling uses a manipulable system that facilitates your thoughts into various project aspects to form a compelling and coherent vision. Whether you're working in the business, informational, cultural or educational sector, 4M Storytelling provides a framework that enables you to craft a compelling story to tell that resonates with your audience.

The method is composed of four modules (hence the "4M"), each focusing on a different aspect of project planning and execution:

  • Creative Expression allows you to explore narratives in various forms of communication.
  • Media and Advocacy helps you craft a persuasive message and communicate it effectively.
  • Participation encourages collaboration and sociometric analysis.
  • Fundraising helps you secure the resources you need to bring your project to fruition.

4M Storytelling is designed to support young people, cultural and youth workers, business and NGO organizations, and journalists, and will be entirely free to use once officially released during March, 2023. It is an Erasmus+ funded project that brings together eight organizations from across Europe, each with their unique expertise and perspectives:

As a sub-project, Illumniscate developed Children of Superstition, an edutainment game-book project aimed at teaching readers about the effects of propaganda, trolling, and gossiping, which was planned and developed using the 4M Storytelling method. You can learn more about it here.

In addition, Illumniscate provides training sessions that will help you and your team learn to effectively use 4M Storytelling in your work. It focuses on hands-on, practical experience to ensure you gain the skills and confidence to plan compelling projects. Find out more about it here.