A History for Today

Reading & Writing with Anne Frank
03. March, 2016

The Anne Frank – A History for Today is a travelling exhibition present in several countries throughout the World. It tells the story of the Frank family shown in parallel to the events at large thorughout the timeline of Wolrd War II.

In many places, young people act as guides to the display. They are prepared for this task by dedicated, so-called "peer guide" trainings, where they learn about:

  • the background to the exhibition,
  • how to professionally communicate its content to people of their age, and
  • how they can sensitise their audience to topics such as tolerance and discrimination.

Together with my colleagues, I provided a number of these trainings in Hungary. We have added relevant topics, such as interpersonal and crowd psychology related to the roles people had during the struggle.

We improved our methodology by listening to our trainees, their teachers, and by trying out different approaches under often very different educational circumstances.