Children of Superstition

20. June, 2022
The Art of Collaborative Project Design
19. February, 2023

Children of Superstition is a sub-project of 4M Storytelling that aims to teach readers about propaganda, gossiping and trolling through an interactive gamebook experience.

In this edutainment story, you'll get to explore a peculiar world, filled with characters who are driven by their beliefs and the information they consume. Your choices will shape the story, allowing you to explore how misinformation can impact individuals and entire communities.

The digital book combines the power of human-written world-building and storytelling with AI-generated images to bring the story contained within to life. Children of Superstition is an innovative approach to education that immerses readers in communities that simulate real-life behaviour, all while teaching them about the importance of critical thinking and responsible consumption of information.

To help education workers incorporate Children of Superstition into their training or lesson plans, the website contains useful activity resources to use the story with the methodology of 4M Storytelling.

Join the Children of Superstition on their journey of discovery and growth as they uncover the truth about the power of stories. The website will be available in March 2023.