Hiding in Amsterdam

Mapping Hiding Places
08. April, 2020
Children of Saul
08. April, 2020

Hiding in Amsterdam is a specialised educational city tour in Amsterdam. It takes student groups and Their supervisors on a trip to discover and learn about life in hiding under the occupation of Nazi Germany during World War II.

The methods of the tour have also been adapted for distance education.


I am currently not delivering this tour. For a similar tour, please reach out to Mapping Hiding Places or let me connect You with them by contacting Illumniscate.

The design sparked from the Mapping Hiding Places project while meeting the demand for educational tours on the topic. Several colleagues, interns and I helped bring this project to life.

The way the tour works is that first, the students each receive a joint briefing on the general history on the topic. They are then separated into groups, each group receiving an envelope. Inside, They discover QR codes linking different map-route coordinates and multimedia knowledge resources.

A facilitator accompanies them to the vicinity of a former hiding place that holds an intriguing history. By delegating bits of its story to each participant, They work together to assemble the whole narrative. While They are doing so, the facilitator explains to them about the details of the area and living back then.

At the finale of the programme, all groups share the stories that They unravelled with the others.