Let Me Be Myself

Reading & Writing with Anne Frank
03. March, 2016
Memory Walk
03. March, 2016

Let Me Be Myself is a travelling exhibition that connects Anne Frank's life story with our present. It aims to bring the fate of the millions of victims of the persecution during World War II to become more relatable and palpable to today's youth.

The exhibition leverages on the "peer guide" method, to which I provided trainings for with colleagues. The young people spend two to three days to understand how to become good guides and tell their peers about:

  • the story of the Frank Family,
  • the events of World War II, and
  • the stories of their peers from another country.

By bridging the past and the present, this training facilitates young people's understanding of the mechanisms that can often lead to a socially unsustainable environment, be that on the macro- or the micro-level. They also learn to recognise, react to and work these mechanisms. By guiding people of their age, they help to disseminate these skills among a broader audience.

While holding several of these trainings, I worked on methodology, content and program development in Hungary.