Memory Walk

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03. March, 2016
03. March, 2016

Memory Walk is partly an historical, partly a multimedia workshop. It's an innovative approach to filmmaking and learning about how to approach displays of remembrance critically.

It is a project of the Anne Frank House's International Educational Department.

Preferably, young people from different countries gather for a five-day workshop to learn and create a short documentary about monuments in a given city. I have the fortune to be one of the few trainers who do these events together. We supply both the equipment and the knowledge necessary to have the usual three end-products per workshop.

You can watch the videos made through Memory Walk here.

I had the pleasure to facilitate a collaborative effort between Memory Walk and Mapping Hiding Places. It resulted in a short documentary inspecting what people know and think about certain hiding places in (Nazi Germany occupied) Amsterdam. You can watch the video here.


By exploring the reason for the existence of a chosen memorial, its role in societal commemoration, its perceived significance throughout history, possible controversies and disagreements about it, young people develop their critical thinking, research skills, and learn about documentary filmmaking.