Stories for Creafae
20. June, 2022
Children of Superstition
19. February, 2023

Monumentalk is an educational city tour in Amsterdam, examining remembrance and contemplation in urban spaces.

The tour is aimed at high-school pupils and university students. While sightseeing beautiful streets, areas and some of the quieter alleys of the city, the participants are introduced to various topics:

  • memorials, memorial places and sculptures,
  • critical analysis and reflection on commemorative and other art installations in public areas, and
  • local culture and history that are relevant to the tour.

Through discussing how history is remembered and how art is portrayed, the tour fosters young people's critical thinking towards the use of public space for gaining attention and preservation of memory.

The sightseeing includes historical monuments (including WWII monuments and a hiding place), modern sculptures and guerrilla exhibitions. Every participant receives an interactive digital map and a printed worksheet to record their experience from their individual standpoint.