Old People and the Sea

03. March, 2016
Changing the Chants
06. April, 2020

The young have left the port town in hopes of a better life. Only the elderly remain. All they know, all that they have ever known, is how to keep the fishing business going.

"Ye catch fish, and ye eat fish. Ye sell it, buy it, fill yer boatload with it, ye feed yer crew with it. There is nothing else left to do in this old borough... Except becoming the greatest sea legend of all time!"

"Gain some wealth, build Yer crew and discover the mystical legends of the open waters!

Beware, however, many a fool ventured too wide out and suffered the terrible banes of the depths and weather. No grog can save a fool! Ye can only rely on Yer own, hard-earned skill if Ye want to live and tell another tale in the pub!"

Old People and the Sea is an explorative strategy game of commerce, adventuring and storytelling. It is currently under development. The rules and mechanics are still being fleshed out; the components and economy are being balanced. As soon as the game becomes representative, there will be a simple print & play version available for download, and very possibly added to the Tabletop Simulator.

In the meantime if You want to know more, do not hesitate to contact me

    • Game Complete60%
    • Playtesting Progress20%
    • Artwork Done30%

Set sail, find treasure, face the dreaded sea serpent and live to tell the tale! There is nothing to lose but fame.