Stories that Move

Asylum for Thoughts
06. April, 2020
Anne Frank: Her Life, Her Diary, Her Legacy
08. April, 2020

Stories that Move is an online toolbox that challenges young learners to think critically about diversity and discrimination and to reflect on their own position and choices in these matters.

This is a specialised blended learning tool developed by eleven international partners to combat antisemitism, racism and discrimination that are still very present in Europe and affecting the lives of people everywhere.

It was funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and EVZ Foundation and won the Comenius EduMedia Medal for excellent teaching materials in 2018.

I joined relatively later to the project. My responsibilities included translation and proofreading of website texts and video subtitles; I managed online content and assisted in fundraising.

More prominently, I helped design the Online Course (via the eTwinning platform) and Professional Development Seminar aimed at teachers who wish to grow confident in using the toolbox. I also organised, coordinated and delivered several of these trainings.