The Art of Collaborative Project Design

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19. February, 2023
Learning is a Game
19. February, 2023

Are you finding it challenging to get your team on the same page when working on projects? Do you feel like your project ideas don't always come across as planned? The Art of Collaborative Project Design - 4M Storytelling Training is the solution you've been looking for.

In this programme, you'll learn how to use the 4M Storytelling method to enhance your collaborative project design and creative thinking. The training covers four modules: Creative Expression, Media and Advocacy, Participation, and Fundraising, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit for project planning and execution.

Through hands-on activities and practical exercises, you'll gain valuable experience in using the 4M Storytelling method to create compelling storytelling to effectively communicate your message to your target audience. You'll learn how to use visible thinking to organize your thoughts and turn them into actionable project plans.

Empower your team and unlock the full potential of your projects with an in-house training on 4M Storytelling. You and your team will be guided through the principles and techniques of 4M Storytelling. Get in touch to schedule your training and take your collaborative creativity skills to the next level!