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01. May, 2020
Illumniscate is an E+ KA2 Project Partner!
01. February, 2021

Illumniscate has been involved with Stories that Move for a long time now. Stories that Move is an online, blended-learning platform that helps educators in their work when They wish to tackle the topics of discrimination, racism, antisemitism, identity, inclusion, active citizenship, media and propaganda with their learners. It is completely free of charge.

The great news is that Stories that Move has been awarded a €500,000 Erasmus+ grant by the EU to continue developing it and bring in new content during the next three years! One of the necessary conditions of the grant is that that the main applicant – Anne Frank House – raises additional €150,000.

In ordinary circumstances, this wouldn't have been a big challenge. However, the Anne Frank House must temporarily close its doors to visitors because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that the primary source of the foundation's income that comes from ticket sales is severely reduced.

Thus, the Stories that Move project management, with the voluntary help of SparkOptimus, decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign in hopes of raising enough funds to be eligible to receive the EU subsidy.

The project aims to reach 20,000 educators and a million students with lessons equipping them to combat discrimination, add an eighth language – Spanish – and materials for international exchanges under the scope of the raised support.