The Name and the Logo

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10. November, 2020

The main website of Illumniscate has been officially launched today! Although there are other websites planned for Illumniscate’s specific products, at or, you can find a general overview of the company’s services, news and activities.

So, what do the name and logo of the company stand for?

Illumniscate's slogan is "having fun through perpetual enlightenment," which is reflected by its logo. The shining light bulb – a sophisticated piece of technology, a result of culminated knowledge that changed our lives forever – symbolises the enlightenment. Etymologically, "illuminate" means to make something lucid or clear, to make a concept understandable through the use of knowledge. The laying number eight within the light bulb (acting as the tungsten filament) is a 'lemniscate' – more commonly known as the 'infinity sign': ∞. It is a symbol that stands for something unbounded and larger than all. It is mainly used in mathematics, but in popular culture, it can stand for anything infinite in space and perpetual in time. It is complex and often paradoxical, just as knowledge is.

By combining the symbology and terms of "illuminate" and "lemniscate," the term Illumniscate is coined, and a company that stands for what this means has entered the world.

I initially designedIllumniscate's logo by utilising freely available resources that fit the symbolical philosophy behind the company. To celebrate the launch of this website and the first of May, I asked the Skydesign team to help me out with a more professional look.